Nordman Fir

This is the most popular tree in the UK at the moment, due to it’s excellent needle retention and traditional Christmas Tree shape, with its dark green glossy needles and bushy dense foliage it’s very hard to beat.

Korean Fir

Becoming increasingly popular, the Korean Fir also has good nedle retension. It is a brilliant bright green in colour with a silvery underside which is visible due to the tree’s upward growing branches.

Fraser Fir

The most popular tree in America, but fast becoming very popular over here, this tree has good needle retention but is a narrower tree in shape – suiting those who don’t have as much room to spare, with it’s silvery blue foliage and strong fragrance it makes a lovely addition to your home.

Noble Fir

This elegant tree is known as the “ King of the Christmas Tree’s” , with it’s slow growing habit its not as common as other Christmas Tree’s, it has silvery blue almost waxy in appearance needles and a lovely strong fragrance, with excellent needle retention – no wonder it’s the preferred tree of the Royal family.

Norway Spruce

For many years this tree was the number one choice in the UK, but since other tree’s have come along with better needle retention it has slowly decreased in numbers, with its short dark green needles it’s still an excellent tree for out-door displays.

Lodgepole-Pine / Sheared Lodgepole Pine

A popular tree in the UK and the best needle retaining tree you can buy, it has long, lush green needles and a strong pine fragrance, this tree is only gently pruned and left to grow for a more natural look. We also have sheared Lodge-Pole Pine which is the same tree but it has been sheared to give it a more dense conical shape.




Pot –Grown Tree’s

Not to be confused with Potted Tree’s, Our Pot-Grown Christmas Tree’s are grown from a seedling in the pot, not field grown then transplanted into a pot when much of the root system is cut away, and the tree rarely survives. With our Pot-Grown tree’s you can bring them in-doors each year until they get too big, then transplant them into the garden to enjoy for years to come. Nordman, Fraser and Norway Spruce are most commonly available as a Pot-Grown Tree’s.






Care of your Tree

As soon as you arrive home, cut 2cm from base of tree (or ask us to do this for you) and place your tree in water as you would with cut flowers.
Store your tree in a damp,cool shady place.
To display your tree for minimum needle-drop,place in a water holding tree stand,preferably away from radiators or direct heat.
Water Daily!